Trump Taxes and Your Wallet

Recently, the Trump administration announced a one-page tax plan that, if enacted, could have major ramifications for the U.S. economy.  At this point it’s not certain if this plan will even be brought before Congress by year-end. While short on details, this article from Kiplinger highlights some of the major provisions. Continue reading.


Year-End Tax Planning

images1fke8uq4With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the time to make any last-minute moves that can improve your tax position. Additionally, if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his promise to significantly reduce tax rates for both individuals and businesses, there are some tax-shifting strategies you may want to consider. Continue reading

Tax Planning Strategies For A Trump Presidency

hungry-history-cooking-for-the-commander-in-chief-20th-century-white-house-chefs-istock_000004638435medium-eNow that the smoke has started to settle somewhat from this divisive presidential election, it’s a good opportunity to begin looking at President-elect Trump’s possible tax proposals. It has been said that tax reform within his first 100 days in office will be a priority. This article from Forbes outlines six tax tips that can help you prepare for a Trump presidency. Continue reading.

Governor Christie Signs New Bill

104021032-gettyimages-485212362_530x298On Friday, October 14, Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill raising the gasoline tax 23 cents per gallon. The legislation also increases the retirement income tax exclusion along with eventually eliminating the estate tax, increasing the Earned Income Credit for the working poor, decreasing the sales tax rate by three-eighths of a percentage point, and creating a tax deduction for veterans. Continue reading