Building your own company can be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. But, it’s a fact that at least six out of ten new small businesses fail within the first five years. Surveys show that this is usually because the owners, while experts in their field, need advice in managing their business.

Rausa, Barlotta & Associates provides cost-effective, specialized services to startup companies like your own. Our firm is comprised of professionals with a recognized expertise in many industries who understands the anxieties and concerns of the new business owner. We can guide you through that critical period where sound business advice and planning can be the difference between your company’s success or failure.

Whether it’s assisting you in the registration and formation of your company, advising you on financing alternatives, or formulating a business plan, our staff is dedicated in making your transition as a business owner as smooth as possible. At Rausa, Barlotta & Associates, we take the time to answer your questions and will assist you in managing your business. We are committed in providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to attain your company’s goals.

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